One of the main activities of our company is the provision of outsourcing services for business teams in the field of pharmacy. The essence of our services in this area is to take over the security of the sales team, with which we will meet the business goals set by you. The costs of creating and maintaining an independent sales team are often disproportionately high to the efficiency of selling individual products. With us, you can profit from sales without having to actually sell yourself. We provide outsourcing in the area of launching new products on the market. Our experienced teams will promote existing products for you to doctors in pharmacy facilities in order to increase sales. We are able to ensure the creation of independent, trained and professional teams with many years of experience according to the client's requirements. By outsourcing the sales team, you directly save costs on wages, levies, but also material security such as cars, telephones, computers, or other equipment needed for a stable sales representation of your products.

  • promotion of existing products by doctors and pharmacists in order to increase sales
  • launch of new products
  • creation of professional sales teams
  • ensuring a stable team of experts with many years of experience in the field of pharmacy